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Welcome to my e-Portfolio!

This e-portfolio was created as part of an assessment for a unit I am studying at University called EDST441 ICT Curriculum and Teaching and is a medium that I will use to voice my opinions and knowledge of ICT in learning as well as allowing you to learn a bit about me and my journey to becoming a secondary teacher.

Furthermore, this e-portfolio may be used as evidence to show my professional knowledge, professional practice and professional commitment to the NSW Institute of Teachers for the purpose of accreditation.

In this e-portfolio you will find:

  • Who is Rachel?: An insight into who Rachel Watkins is, both personally and professionally
  • ICT in the classroom: Information on digital learners, the importance of ICT in the classroom and examples of technologies that can be used in the classroom with ideas on how to use them
  • Resources: Interesting and useful resources which cover a variety of technology subjects as well as resources helpful to teachers in general

6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Jo Grey Says:

    Hi Rachel, I really enjoyed your ePortfolio. I too am studying at ACU, through the block release program. I wish you all the best in your studies and the future ahead. 🙂
    Oh! Wisemans Ferry sounds like a really nice place.

  2. jacqui88 Says:

    Hey Rachel, you did a great job on the banner you created in Photoshop your photoshop skills have improved so much since the start of uni ! Good job!

  3. jacqui88 Says:

    p.s how do you do a blog roll? lol thanks!

  4. jacqui88 Says:

    Thanks heaps Rachel for your comment also! Thanks for telling me how to add the Blogroll Just did it then!!

  5. Ashleigh Says:

    Hi Rachel, I really love the way you’ve setout you’re e-portfolio. The colours go really well together and the picture on the front page is adorable. The banner looks amazing.

  6. onmywaytechnologyteaching Says:

    Like Jacqui I want to add my admiration for your lovely banner. Great work Rachel, it looks wonderful!

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